72 New Students

Open House at New Facility
October 23, 2016
Council member Joe Buscaino visits ReIgnite Hope
May 31, 2017

72 students, pictured below, came today to apply for our next class.  And all of this by word of mouth as we have never advertised the program.  But one parent tells another parent how much the program did for their son or daughter.  Or the students tell their friends.

To put this in perspective, this is twice the size of our last graduating class.  We are thrilled, humbled and excited to see what God will do. With just 3 teachers, the sheer size of the class will be a challenge.  Fortunately, we have returning students (Luis Casas, Agnilio Dilla, Quan Glass, Omar Ibarra, Otim Oloya, Lynn Rossi, Byron Salazar, Jerry Thompson, Christian Tovar) who are volunteer coaches adding to our teaching staff.  What a blessing!

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