Fernando Gonzalez
September 23, 2017
Jerry Thompson
September 23, 2017

I grew up in Watts and Compton. I dropped out of Davistar Jordan High School in the 11th grade to sell dope. Did that for a year and a half. Then I started using and I was 20 years when I first did cocaine. Came downtown at 1991. I was homeless for 2 years and a heavy user. I was caught robbing someone in ’98. Did two and half years at Corcan State Prison in Kern and out in 2001.

When I got out I started smoking again and my life was a rollercoaster. I supported my habit by stealing, shop lifting and selling bad dope. Dec 12, 2001 I got caught again and received 8 years in San Louis Obispo, CMC east prison. The day I got out I smoked again and came down to LA.

I told my probation officer I need help and then put me in Weignhart Epic program. Stayed clean for 30 days. Then relapsed. They kicked me out on the street. Called probation officer and they gave me another chance and I went back to epic. I then stayed clean for 4 months.

I got my own place for $234 a month on skid row housing and got social security. Then get $991 from SSI. Had $650 free cash every month and I would use that to use. I did this for 4 months.

I was caught dealing to undercover police and went to jail Aug 17, 2013. I did 18 months at Chino jail. I got out Jan 6, 2015. When out I relapsed several times but then Lamp on crocker accepted me. I been clean since July 14 till now.

I am asked how am I going to stay clean? God number one. I ask for the ability to resist temptation and praying three times a day. I practice Thursdays and come to theory class Fridays. I need your prayers but am very thankful for the opportunity and excited to get a job, stay sober and be surrounded by good people.

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