Jimmy Brown
September 23, 2017
Tony Linares
September 23, 2017

I was born in Pasadena. I am single with no kids. Before ReIgnite Hope I was trying to find a decent job; no I was trying to find a career. I was working as a security guard and life was hard. I put in to quite a few other schools but I could not get in, they were all full. I wanted to be an apprentice with electrical but I never got called. I did not have a lot of options.

I would go to ReIgnite Hope and get instruction on the weekends, then go to class during the week in the mornings to practice before going to my security job. ReIgnite Hope kept me focused and gave me options. Our class was like a family, we looked out for each other. Someone could not get to class, then someone else would lend them a bike.

In class pastor Steve and others would encourage and tell us about God. I learned how to pray. I prayed that I would get into the electrical apprentice union. After ReIgnite Hope, I checked in with the union and they let me in. Now that I am a certified welder it made me more qualified and when I finish my apprenticeship there, I can do both.

Because of ReIgnite Hope, I am a lot more confident, a lot more employable and very grateful. It was so great I referred two friends and I see their lives being changed for the better too.

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