Tony Linares
September 23, 2017
David Penn
September 23, 2017

My name is Fernando Gonzalez. I was in the first class in 2010. Before the welding school I was always looking for work and sometimes found it in unskilled positions like restaurants or landscaping.

Before I was in the class I also used to do things like cocaine, marijuana and abuse alcohol.

In the class, Daryl and Steve (the teachers) were a blessing. They not only taught us about mig and stick welding, but they encouraged us to go to church, read our Bibles and were great examples of how to be men of God.

I am now a certified welder. I stopped hanging out with people who were bad influences on me and started hanging in good circles.

I now work at Hollywood Welding Company. We do ornamental and structural welding. I do mig welding, flux core and I’m learning tig. We build fences, gates and other structures. Fred Jordan Mission helped to get me in the program, and I now go back and work at the Mission as well.

I am a deacon at my church, do music at my church and I’m saving money. I would like to have a fab shop of my own someday.

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