Edson Morgan
September 23, 2017
Fernando Gonzalez
September 23, 2017

My name is Tony Linares. I am from LA. I have a wife and a son. Before ReIgnite Hope, life was tough. My wife had lost her job. I was looking for work for over five months. I went to a temp agency and I finally had to take work doing night time deliveries. It was hard to make ends meet. It was really hard on my family not being around much. I even broke my leg and was out of work for four months.

Steve allowed me to come into the program even though my leg was broken. I learned how to weld and got certified. Shortly after being certified I got a hired by a company doing welding. I am making much better money and able to support my family now. I work days and can be home with my family at night.

I am now back at ReIgnite Hope on the weekends helping other guys learn to weld and practicing new types of welding as well. My welding training has given me a lot of confidence, a career and my boss tells me I am huge asset to the company.

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