Welding Program


Welding Program

ReIgnite Hope is a unique training program that started on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles teaching valuable job skills to men and women, many of whom have been homeless, gang members and ex-offenders.

ReIgnite Hope offers a free, four month welding and metal fabrication program. Students who complete the course are tested by an American Welding Society inspector.  100% of our students have passed their certification test.

Our welding program offers intense Stick and MIG welding training as well as exposing our students to Flux Core and TIG.

Three Goals

  • First, to help men and women change their lives through learning God’s Word and basic life skills.
  • Second, to teach students a marketable job skill, giving them dignity, and enabling them to provide for their families.
  • Third, to save lives in Africa through bicycle-drawn ambulances fabricated by the students during their training which are shipped to remote villages in Africa to transport critically injured and sick patients to a hospital. Each ambulance saves an average of one life a week, which fulfills the vision of ReIgnite Hope – – Changing Lives Here, Saving Lives There.

Student Stories

For many of the ReIgnite Hope students, troubled pasts are common. Through Faith and a fair trade, we're turning lives around. Student Stories.

Jerry Thompson

I grew up in Pasadena and LA. I was raised by mom only and had two other siblings. Left home when 14 years old. I left because my mom meant well but I felt like my mom was too tough. I lived in the streets selling drugs, stealing cars, whatever it took to survive. I lived in several group homes. Read More.

Tony Linares

My name is Tony Linares. I am from LA. I have a wife and a son. Before ReIgnite Hope, life was tough. My wife had lost her job. I was looking for work for over five months. I went to a temp agency and I finally had to take work doing night time deliveries. It was hard to make ends meet. Read More.

David Penn

I grew up in Watts and Compton. I dropped out of Davistar Jordan High School in the 11th grade to sell dope. Did that for a year and a half. Then I started using and I was 20 years when I first did cocaine. Came downtown at 1991. I was homeless for 2 years and a heavy user. I was caught robbing someone in ’98. Did two and half years at Corcan State Prison in Kern and out in 2001. Read More.