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400 Apply for the Next Class

Due to the Corona virus situation we’ve had to postpone the start of our Spring class. However, it was exciting to see that we have had over 400 students apply, which is without any advertising on our part. That’s how God has always done it with this ministry. As someone’s life gets changed, they tell others. 400 is far more than we have room for and we will have to turn many of them of away since our current capacity is about 125 per semester.

Rest assured, we won't start until we are confident we can keep both are students, volunteers and staff safe. We will take all the recommended measures.

Our hope is to start the next class in September, Lord willing, with less students per class but double the classes. We will announce the actual start date on this web site when we have a firm date. Please pray as we make plans, notify students and take all the necessary safety precautions.



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