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Mike Christensen Joins Us

We are blessed to have Mike Christensen join ReIGNITE Hope. Mike

and Stacey and their family served inseveral countries in Central Asia

particularly Turkey. In a questionnaire one year, Mike said:

His goal "is to live exuberant lives of faith and repentance that

glorify God by loving Him and others through prevailing prayer,

active service and making disciples."

He's doing just that at ReIGNITE Hope. He attended the June class

and recently became a certified welder so he can lead a team of

instructors. Even after just a short time, the students are already

trusting him to share their life stories and struggles.

One such example that Mike shared is "a young man who shared

that his mom died at the age of 2 and his father threw him in a bag

and fled from Korea to Canada. His first incarceration was at the age

of 12. He has been clean off drugs for 2 months, homeless at times,

working all night as security in downtown, but hoping for a different


This young man is now a certified welder and looking to start his

career as a welder. But more importantly, the spiritual and life

lessons he learned will stay with him for an eternity.



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