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Pastor Steve full time at ReIGNITE Hope

My wife and I have been praying for the last year seeking God’s leading for our future. Trying to serve full-time as the pastor of Outreach at Rolling Hills Covenant Church and overseeing the ever growing ministry of ReIGNITE Hope has been very challenging these past few years. During this past year, we became convinced that God is leading us to focus full-time now at ReIGNITE Hope. In December of 2019, I shared this with the leadership of the church and with their blessing I finished twenty years of service at the church on March 31st. As of April 1st, I will be devoting my full attention to ReIGNITE Hope.

And though I will deeply miss serving on staff at the church, we are very excited about this. ReIGNITE Hope is God’s ministry and what He has done through it these past nine years is nothing short of extraordinary! He has led hundreds and hundreds of men and women to both a career and to Christ.

God is using all of us in this--our staff, the volunteers and all of you that pray and give. There is nothing more exciting than being about our Father’s business!!



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